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The "AAA" is a chartered, non-profit and tax exempt fraternal veterans organization (501(c)(19)) oriented exclusively to all veteran and active duty personnel, from all of the U.S. Armed Forces, whose qualifications and/or duties, while serving, were associated with vertical assault warfare.

Anyone trained and qualified by the award of qualification badges and/or military occupational specialty (MOS) designation, that involves the transporting, support and entry into a ground action role by air landing, glider, parachute, helicopter, etc., is covered under the term "Airborne" as envisioned by the "AAA".

The intent is to acknowledge that all who were and are "Airborne" are essential to the ability of vertical assault operations by the U.S. Armed Forces.




To enable those who are eligible to join together in their communities to share past experiences, preserve the history and mystique of "Airborne" and, project the image of "Airborne" personnel as elite soldiery of America.

By so uniting, "AAA" members can ensure that the units in which they served or were qualified o serve, even though never assigned thereto, can project within their communities the extraordinary nature of their specialty





National Headquarters


Regions: NE; Central Atlantic; SE; North Mid-West; South Mid-West, North Plains; South

  Plains; SW Pacific Coast; and, NW Pacific Coast.
3. Districts: Separate States
4. Chapters: In any contiguous geographical area (goal is to draw members from an area that
  permits them to attend functions not requiring more than one hour travel time) a chapter can be
  formed. No minimum requirement of number of members.
a. Members of a chapter are automatically enrolled in the "AAA".
b. When a chapter is formed, the leadership thereof should notify, by letter, the national
  "AAA" headquarters. A charter will then be issued to the chapter.
c. Chapter leadership (appointed or elected), and term of office will be as determined
  by the chapter members.
d. Chapters may "name" their chapter as they desire. To publicize the "AAA", it is
  requested that the "AAA" be incorporated into a chapter name. Example: "Frederick,
  MD chapter, American Airborne Association".



Annual dues for membership in the American Airborne Association are currently $25 per year. Current, paid up members, receive, free of charge, "The Airborne Quarterly" magazine (four issues per membership year). This magazine is the official publication of the "AAA".



Insignia, Patches, etc.
1. National maintains an inventory of all type insignia identifying "AAA" membership. Through the
  sale of these "AAA" Quartermaster items it helps generate funds to defray operational costs and
  keep the "AAA" Membership Dues with free Airborne Quarterly at $25.00 
2. Insignia presently consists of "AAA" wing and logo decals, "AAA"  wing and logo cloth patches,
  regulation and miniature AAA metal wings, AAA logo metal hat/lapel pin and AAA challenge coin.


The Airborne Quarterly
1. The Airborne Quarterly is the official magazine of the "AAA". It is published four times a year
  (spring, summer, fall, winter). As well as covering activities of the "AAA", the magazine is also
   a "digest" covering the entire airborne world.
2. There are no subscription costs for active members of the AAA. The cycle starts with the
  next issue published after receipt of membership dues.
3. All chapters and individual "AAA" members are encouraged to submit material for

The "AAA" is for you! We want to perpetuate the history of all units and all who are or were ever "airborne"! As our ranks grow smaller, we must be more visible if we are to let this country know who and what we were and are! To join go to Subscription.  To receive a complimentary copy  of the Airborne Quarterly Magazine, write, phone (toll free), fax or e-mail to:

American Airborne Association
The Airborne Quarterly
10301 McKinstry Mill Road
New Windsor, MD 21776-7903

Phone: 410-775-7733     Fax: 1-410-775-7760

Toll free: 888-567-2927


  E-Mail: eagle187@hughes.net